On 21st September some very minor changes will take place to a few of our services.

The changes are to only a few journeys on the routes below - no other services are changing.

Route 2

A new 0735 journey from Ifield West will run on weekdays. 
The 1520 'schoolchildren only' (SDX) journey from Hazelwick school, will be school children only to Crawley Bus Sation. Anyone can board the bus from the Bus Station onwards. No other changes.

View new route 2 timetable here

Fastway 100

An additional schoolday journey (open to all) has been introduced to operate at 1555 from Redhill Bus Station to Horley.  No other changes.

View new Fastway 100 timetable here

Route 200

The 'schoolchildren only' (SDX) journey starting at 0755  from Ifield has been changed to start at 0750 from Gossops Green.  No other changes.

View new Route 200 timetable here

Route 281

The 1429 'schoolday only' (SDO) journey via Imberhorne has been changed to not go into the school grounds.   It now leaves Lingfield at 1432.  No other changes

View new Route 281 timetable here

Route 430

On the 430 the 1502 'schoolchildren only' (SDX) journey from East Surrey Hospital will no longer operate. No other changes.

View new Route 430 timetable here

Route 435

On the 435 the 1546 'schoolday only' (SDO) journey from Merstham Portland Drive Flats will no longer operate. No other changes.

View new Route 435 timetable here

Route 606

The route will run 5 mins earlier.

View new Route 606 timetable here