Accessibility Statement
View our Website Accessibility Statement here
Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter users
Guidance for wheelchair and mobility scooter users
Safe Haven scheme
Safe Haven's Scheme provides a safe place to go if needed.
Translate our website
Over 200 languages available. Plus, get access to tools including text to speech and many other customisable features.
Dogs on Buses
We welcome all dogs on our buses, including assistance dogs, and make no charge for them travelling with us.
Bikes and E-Scooters on buses
Information about bikes and e-scooters
Wheelchair taxi guarantee scheme
If for any reason a wheelchair user is unable to board the bus we have the wheelchair taxi guarantee scheme
Buggies on buses
We welcome passengers with buggies on our buses. Our fleet is low floor to help those with buggies to use our services more easily.
Community Support Fund 2024
If you are a local charity or community group you can apply here for funds or bus travel through our Community Support Fund