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Fare changes – 11 April 2022
1 month ago Thu 31st Mar 2022
The world has changed in the past two years yet our fares have stayed the same.
Buses are vital to the local economy, climate change and our community
1 month ago Wed 23rd Mar 2022
This week we publish our annual sustainability report (2021) which focuses on our commitment to passengers, communities and colleagues.
E-Scooters and E-Unicycles  
2 months ago Thu 17th Mar 2022
From Sunday 27 March 2022 we will no longer allow electric scooters or an electric unicycles onto our buses.
Celebrating International Women's Day!
2 months ago Tue 8th Mar 2022
Find out why women love working in transport, and the exciting opportunities they have to progress their own careers.
Free bus travel for veterans and the armed forces
6 months ago Wed 10th Nov 2021
Free bus travel for veterans and the armed forces
Plus one on Purple Tuesday
6 months ago Thu 21st Oct 2021
We are supporting international Purple Tuesday on 2 November by offering all disabled concessionary cardholders free travel to a plus one.
Catch the bus without leaving your home
7 months ago Thu 14th Oct 2021
VirtualBus360 goes live.
Hundreds of return journeys now possible using Tap On, Tap Off
7 months ago Wed 6th Oct 2021
More flexibility and a daily cap on what you pay.