Gatwick Travelcards now available on our mobile app

5 months ago Wed 13th Sep 2023

Fastway Bus en route to Gatwick airport

At Metrobus, we’re pleased to have had a long standing relationship with Gatwick Airport and the Easit network where members of staff employed by certain organisations can benefit from a Gatwick Travelcard. Anyone who works within Gatwick Airport, or for an organisation which is a member of the easitCRAWLEY or easitNETWORK schemes can currently apply for this product.

Gatwick Travelcards are valid on any route that serve Gatwick Airport, Crawley Town Centre, or both, and offer significant savings on purchasing the nearest equivalent retail product – Our Metrovoyager.

Up until now, you’ve needed to visit our Travel Shop at Crawley Bus Station, or our information point at Redhill Bus Station to apply for a Gatwick Travelcard on our smartcard, theKey. We are pleased to announce that from lunchtime on Tuesday 19th September, you will now be able to purchase 1 week and 4 week Gatwick Travelcard products via our mobile app. This means that for these products, you will no longer need to come and see us in person.

You will still need to prove your eligibility to activate these products via our mobile app, but this will be done via a simple in-app verification process. Once you have been verified, you will be able to purchase and activate Gatwick Travelcard products instantly for up to 12 months from the date of verification.

Annual products will remain available via theKey, and these will still need to be applied for in person at Crawley or Redhill bus station.

We hope this makes it a bit easier for you to take advantage of some of the savings you can make if you work for an eligible organisation. For more details, please visit our webpage here.