Fare updates 29th April 2024

1 month ago Thu 25th Apr 2024

We have updated our fares and are pleased to advise that many will continue to stay low including the £2 single fare available until at least the end of June 2024.

Short hop tickets remain unchanged at £1.70, and most adult singles and returns, have been frozen or capped as part of the £2 fare offer. 

Most child fares will see an average increase of around 4% as they are lower prices, but they will also be capped at £2 under the government’s £2 fare scheme. In Surrey, holders of Link cards can continue to benefit from a maximum fare of £1 on most routes.

On the app 28-day tickets are changing to 30 days to give cover for more of each calendar month. Tickets for 2, 3 and 4 days are being replaced by bundles of 1-day tickets. This will provide you with more flexibility as to when you choose to use them.

Metrorider, Metrovoyager and longer-term tickets that offer excellent value for money will see an average increase of around 4% as they are not supported by the Bus Service Improvement Plan for most of the network area. The flexible price cap for tap-on-tap-off contactless users will also change as a result. Any increase is designed to help cover operating costs for fuel, energy, parts, and maintenance.

East Sussex day tickets supported by the Bus Service Improvement Plan are changing with adult, 19-29 and under 19 fares increasing to £5.50, £4.10, and £3.50 respectively. A 50p charge will also be introduced for accompanied children following a review of their budget.

Our updated fares will be live on our Ways to Pay section of the website from Monday 29th April 2024.