Virtual Bus 360 Videos

#VirtualBus360 Videos

Photo of Bert and Shirley sitting together on the bus

Meet some of our customers, colleagues and partners who are keen to share their travelling experiences and tips in 22 separate videos. The videos and online information cover all aspects of bus travel, including accessibility, tickets and payments, real-time bus information, environmental and technological features. 

All videos have BSL and are captioned. 

To activate the captions, click on the CC button on the bottom left-hand side of each video. 

Everyone in the videos was filmed without a face covering to make the platform accessible for people lip reading. The camera person wore a face covering at all times and only those being filmed were on board the bus, which was also well ventilated. 

You can access the video within the #VirtualBus360 platform here or link to each video below.

Introduction and how to videos 

Introduction video - Superhub

How to video - how to use the applications in VirtualBus360

Aboard the Enviro400 bus

Jason - driving the bus 

Nathan - seated in the priority seating

Bert and Shirley - sitting in the priority seating 

Family group - Sitting at the back on the lower deck 

Behind the Enviro400 bus - by the engine 

Gethin - behind the bus by the engine 

Aboard the Streetdeck 

Lynn - driving the Streetdeck bus

Vernon - sitting by the priority seats   

Graham - standing by the wheelchair priority space 

Bobby standing next to the priority seating 

Ben and Matt - seated at the back on lower deck 

Aboard the Fastway

Kat - driving the Fastway bus 

Fran - sitting next to middle doors 

James - Seated in the wheelchair priority space 

By the ramps on all buses 

Ramp video - by all ramps on buses

Within the Superhub - these videos have signed options and also green-screened options 

Sam - Superhub 1 - at the start 

Victoria - Superhub 2 (next to the Enviro400 bus) 

Ramona - Superhub 5 - near the front of the StreetDeck

Julie - next to the Metrobus Fastway 

Other videos 

Shirley's Journey - on board the Enviro400 and Streetdeck 

Thomas Highflyer - Below destination screen of the Enviro400 

Grace Eyre - Travel Buddies - on board the Streetdeck