Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter users

Vehicle Accessibility

All buses in our fleet are low floor with step-free entrances to make boarding and alighting easier for everyone. All of our buses have ramps fitted for wheelchair users.

Guidance for wheelchair users

Each of our buses has a dedicated space for wheelchairs, and all are fitted with ramps.

The majority of our buses are dual door with the wheelchair space accessed via the centre doors. To board one of our buses:

  • Make the driver aware that you wish to board at the centre doors and that you need the ramp to be deployed. It would also help if you could let the driver know where you are intending to get off the bus so that he/she is ready to deploy the ramp for you. 
  • The driver will let passengers off first and will then close the doors - the ramp will only deploy if the doors are closed. Please keep your distance from the doors so that the ramp can be deployed.
  • Once the ramp is deployed and the doors have re-opened you can board the bus.
  • Manoeuvre your wheelchair so that it is in the wheelchair space and facing backwards, and apply the brake.
  • When you want to get off the bus, press the stop button. The driver will deploy the ramp for you - again, the doors will remain shut until the ramp is deployed. Once the doors are open it is safe to use the ramp.

The maximum sized manual or powered wheelchair that is able to use the wheelchair space is 70cm wide and 120cm long.

Presently, UK regulations only allow one wheelchair or scooter to be carried. The law dictates we must endeavour to ensure wheelchairs are able to access the designated wheelchair space.

Our drivers will try their best to ensure wheelchair users can board first and we welcome the co-operation of other customers in making the space available.

If for any reason a wheelchair user is unable to board, we can provide a complimentary taxi under the Wheelchair Taxi Guarantee Scheme. The driver will arrange this for you, for more information click here

Please see our Conditions of Carriage.

Guidance for mobility scooter users

Some class 2 scooters are welcome on board our buses. Scooters must be up to 1000mm length x 600mm wide with a 'turning circle' no greater than 1200mm.

In order to establish if your class 2 scooter is compatible, we can arrange for a home visit assessment from one of our dedicated accessibility team.

To arrange an assessment please contact us on 01293 449191 or email at feedback@metrobus.co.uk.