Service update: 231/233 and 609/611

6 months ago Wed 15th Nov 2023

Two Metrobus buses together parkedRoutes 231 / 233

From 27th November Edenbridge Hospital will close with services moving to the new Health Centre on Four Elms Road.  Journeys on route 231 & 233 which currently terminate in Edenbridge Hospital grounds will be revised to operate a loop via the by-pass and Edenbridge High Street to terminate at the Post Office.

Additionally, the route between Lingfield and Dormansland will be revised to operate via Dormans Road and Plough Road to better serve Dormansland village on these journeys, incorporating stops at Swallowfield and at the Plough.

Some minor timetable changes have been introduced as a result of the above and also to improve the arrival time of the final morning journey at Bennett Memorial School. Please see timetable here.

Routes 609 / 611

Routes 609 & 611 will be rerouted from Monday 20th November as follows:

Towards Oxted School, instead of turning left from the A25 onto Church Lane, buses will remain on the A25, turn left onto Snatts Hill, ahead onto Station Road East, right onto Bluehouse Lane and terminate at the front of the school.

Towards Godstone, instead of turning right from Gresham Road onto Station Road East, buses will turn left onto Snatts Hill, right onto the A25 and then resume normal line of route by Old Oxted.

The two routes in the afternoon will be unable to serve the stop outside Pizza Express on Station Road East or the bus stop by the railway bridge on Bluehouse Lane. These routes will also not serve any stops along Church Lane.

Routes 410, 410A, 594, 595, 612 & 695 will remain unchanged.