Christmas & New Year Holiday Bus Services

Santa Claus flying a Metrobus.

Monday 18th to Friday 22nd December - Normal Monday to Friday (school holiday) service, except for special arrangements to cover Holy Trinity, St Wilfrids and St Andrews schools, details here.

Saturday 23rd December - Normal Saturday service. 

Sunday 24th December - Normal Sunday service, except routes 100 & 200 will not run overnight. Last journeys on route 100 will be at 0012 from Maidenbower (to Crawley Bus Station only) and 0015 from Redhill (to Gatwick South only). Last journeys on route 200 will be at 0012 from Gatwick North and 0040 from Bewbush.

Monday 25th December - Special service on route 10 only. The Christmas Day timetable can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Tuesday 26th December - Special service on routes 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 100 & 200.  Sunday service on route 400. The Boxing Day timetables can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Wednesday 27th December to Friday 29th December - Saturday service, except for routes 21, 22, 271, 272 & 318 which will operate a Monday to Friday service and route 236 which will operate a special service.

Saturday 30th December - Normal Saturday service.

Sunday 31st January - Sunday service.

Monday 1st January - Sunday service.

Tuesday 2nd January to Friday 5th January - Normal school day services resume, except for route 617 which will not operate and the 1630 route 619 journey from St Andrews will also not operate.


Christmas Day Timetable:

Route 10

Boxing Day Timetables:

Route 2
Route 3
Route 4
Route 5
Route 10
Route 100
Route 200

School services

Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th December

23 - 0825 schoolday journey from Crawley via St Wilfrids will run, instead of the 0832 non schoolday journey from Crawley.

281 - 0715 journey from Stone Quarry will continue to St Wilfrids and Holy Trinity.  1523 schoolday journey from Holy Trinity will run, instead of the 1520 non schoolday journey from Crawley.

460 - 0654 journey from Epsom will continue to Holy Trinity School.

398, 692, 693 - these routes will operate for Holy Trinity and St Wilfrids on these dates.

Please note route 610 will not operate; any passengers from Furnace Green or Tilgate should use route 693 to travel to Holy Trinity.

Monday 18th to Thursday 21st December

617 & 619 - these routes will operate on these dates for St Andrews School