Child Fares & Tickets

Cash single, return and weekly tickets bought on the bus

Children aged 5-13 can buy single and return tickets at half the adult rate at all times (except on routes 231 & 233 where child fares cannot be purchased before 0900 on Mondays to Fridays except for journeys wholly between Langton and Tunbridge Wells). Discounted travel is available on weekly tickets.

14 and 15 year-olds travelling to or from school in uniform will be charged the half adult fare for single and return tickets - this excludes the £2 fare offer. Discounted travel is available on weekly tickets.

14 and 15 year-olds may also pay the discounted rates at other times by showing one of the following forms of identification:

  • Metrobus child key card - free from Crawley and Redhill travel shops by showing suitable photo ID. Valid until 31st August after 16th birthday and can also be loaded with tickets online or travel shops.
  • 14/15 Citizencard. These are available here.
  • Validate UK card. These are available here.
  • Transport for London child Oyster card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Brighton & Hove Bus ID card
  • Arriva 14/15 ID card

Fare information for individual routes showing single and/or return fares are available here, scroll down to the relevant route.

Up to 3 children aged under 5 can travel free, when accompanied by an adult. Child fares will be charged for any additional under 5s travelling.

Child tickets on the key smartcard or mobile app

Our period Metrorider and Metrovoyager area tickets are available at discounted rates and can be purchased on the key smartcard or mobile app.

View fares on the key smartcard here

View fares on the mobile app here

Child tickets on the key or mobile app can be used at all times by those aged 5-15.

  • To apply for a child key smartcard, please visit Crawley or Redhill Travel Shops with suitable  ID (see above list) – tickets can then either be bought online or at the travel shops. More information about the key can be found here
  • For the mobile app download from either Google or the App Store. Tickets can be purchased immediately. ID needs to be shown to drivers when boarding the bus when using the app.

Additional discounts can also be available, dependent on where you live. Please check our guide below:

Brighton & Hove

Off peak single fares for journeys that are wholly within Brighton & Hove are available at 50p for under 19s. (Off-peak times are weekends, school holidays and after 1800 on schooldays). In addition, up to four under 19s can travel for free at any time with a fare paying adult or concessionary pass holder, provided the journey is wholly within Brighton & Hove

East Sussex

Under 19s living in East Sussex are able get a card which allows the purchase of a Freedom ticket from the driver on routes 270 & 291 for £15 per week, which is accepted for travel on most buses in East Sussex and on routes 270 & 291 (for journeys starting or finishing in East Sussex). 14-18 year olds will need to show proof of age but don't need to be attending school or college. 

Child off peak single fares for journeys starting and/or finishing in East Sussex are reduced to £1 for under 19s. (Off-peak times are weekends, school holidays and after 1800 on schooldays). In addition, up to four children can travel for 50p each with a fare paying adult at any time, provided the journey starts or ends within East Sussex.

West Sussex

Anyone aged 16 to 20 can now purchase a 16 to 20 Bus Saver fare or ticket, which is the same price as the equivalent child rate. The scheme applies to any direct bus journey starting or finishing in West Sussex.

Click here to view the West Sussex 16-20 tickets available on our mobile app.

Before travelling, make sure to bring a valid proof of age. As an alternative to carrying official documents like passports and birth certificates, Citizencard will also be accepted.


11-16 year olds can apply for a Kent Travel Saver Pass which provides free travel on journeys starting and/or finishing in Kent on weekdays between 0600-1900, except in August. An application fee applies. 

Click here for details.


Holders of a Surrey Link Card are able to purchase a single journey capped at £1.00, and a return capped at £2.00 on any route which is not primarily for transport to or from school. These tickets will be available from the bus driver on boarding the bus, and can be purchased either with cash or with a contactless payment card.

As these tickets are only available on routes which are not primarily for school transport, they are not available for sale on routes 324, 609, 611, 612, 617, 619, 624, 657, 658, 695 or 866.

Link cards are only issued to Under 21s living in Surrey, and can be used for any trip that starts, ends, or is wholly within the Surrey County Council area.

For more information on how to apply for a link card, please click here.