Buses are vital to the local economy, climate change and our community

4 months ago Wed 23rd Mar 2022

This week we publish our annual sustainability report (2021) which focuses on our commitment to passengers, communities and colleagues.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the company continues to keep its focus on air quality, climate change and emissions. The report introduces our very first Climate Change Strategy which clearly states our ambition for reducing our carbon impact. As a public transport services provider, we have an important and valuable role to play in decarbonising transport and mobility through modal shift away from cars. One of the biggest and most important targets for us is working towards a zero emissions bus fleet by 2035 and being net zero by 2045. We also have targets in four more priority areas including climate change adaptation, air quality, water and waste.

In the report, you can find out how we are continuing to deliver services for our customers and highlights our support for creating stronger communities and providing a good working environmental for our teams. Our sustainability report reflects the great work that has taken place over the last year and gives an insight into the role of the bus in the community. To the communities we serve, buses mean so much more than simply taking people from A to B. With our buses we have supported our communities and the great work going on out there every day - our Above & Beyond campaign celebrates the heroes in our communities.

One of our brilliant colleagues also received a well-deserved award for the part she has played in leading the work we do to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of our services. As a company we genuinely believe in being a responsible business that is part of the communities we serve. We will continue to build our relationships with local councils and community groups, listening to our customers and supporting our colleagues as part of our values. This report shares some key highlights from last year and how we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Click here to download the report.