Gatwick Staff Travel

If you work at Gatwick Airport, an easitCRAWLEY member company or at selected companies in City Place, you could be eligible for a Gatwick Travelcard. These are accepted at all times on all Metrobus routes which serve Crawley or Gatwick.

Gatwick Travelcard fares - when bought online:

1 week 4 week Annual
£19.75 £63.50 £585

Gatwick Travelcard fares - when bought at our travel shops:

1 week 4 week Annual
£20.75 £65.50 £600

To get your Gatwick Travelcard, visit one of our Travel shops in Crawley Bus Station or Redhill Bus Station or at our Travel Shop at Gatwick South Terminal.

  • If you are airport staff, you will need to show your airside or landside ID or a letter from your employer (with accompanying photographic ID) proving that you work at an approved company at Gatwick Airport.
  • If you work for an easitCRAWLEY member company, you will need to show your valid easitCARD - If you don't have an easitCARD click here to apply, or speak to your employer for further advice.  
  • If you work for one of the eligible City Place companies you will need to show your valid Staff ID card.

Once you have collected your card, you can then purchase Gatwick Travelcard tickets either online or at our travel shops - it is more expensive to purchase tickets at our travel shops rather than purchase online.

View Gatwick Travelcard route map here

The Gatwick Travelcard is valid for unlimited travel on the following routes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 21, 22, 23, 84, 100, 200, 271, 272, 273, 281, 291, 398, 400, 460, 603, 606, 610, 692 & 693.  It is also now valid on Southdown route 422 and 424