Designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance, this 247-acre Local Nature Reserve with its two lakes, Earlswood Common and golf course is a pleasant place to stop and unwind for a while. Surrounded by alders and graceful willow trees, the Lower Lake dates back to the 14th century, and the Upper Lake is what remains of clay workings from the local brick-making era in the 19th century.

A variety of birds can be seen on the peaceful lakes, including elegant swans, diving cormorants and tufted ducks, territorial coots, shy moorhens, familiar mallards and less familiar winter-visiting waterfowl in the colder months.

The open space of the Common stretches beyond the Lakes, giving fine views across the surrounding area on a clear day.

You can get off the bus at the Earlswood Lakes bus stop to explore and relax in the open spaces of the Reserve.

Getting to Earlswood Common

Route 430

Route 435

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