• From 18th September: Tap On Tap Off Contactless

    A new convenient way to pay...

We accept Contactless

All paper tickets bought on the bus can be paid for by contactless.

Passengers just need to tap their phones or bank cards on the ticket machine when paying: face down for cards, face up for phones.  

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or with your phone using Apple or Android Pay. American Express isn’t accepted. 

Tap On Tap Off Contactless - live from Wednesday, 18th September

From Wednesday, 18th September we will have a new convenient way to pay for your travel on Metrobus services.

You will tap on at the start of each journey and tap off at the end of each journey using a contactless payment method (Visa/Mastercard payment card or device using Google Pay or Apple Pay).

The price of any journeys you make will be calculated by the system and charged to your account at the end of the day. The price will be the same as it would be buying a paper ticket on the bus.

The total you will pay each day will automatically be capped to the price of a day ticket (Metrorider or Metrovoyager) for the area that you travelled in, if this is less than the total cost of the single fares. Capping will only work properly if you use the same card/ device for all journeys in a day.

This new system will help reduce boarding times which will help to speed up bus journeys.

You will be able to check your journey and fare history through our Contactless Customer Portal.

You will be able to either set up an account or proceed as a guest but you will need the details of the payment device you use handy. 

You won't need to register or sign up - you can just board with your card or device and tap on - not forgetting to tap off when you exit

To find out more about Tap On Tap Off Contactless visit our FAQ section on the Contactless Portal

Tap On Tap Off will be suitable for:

  • Adults who would buy one or more single tickets or a day ticket from the driver on Metrobus services.

It won't be suitable for:

  • Child fares.
  • Customers who wish to buy discounted tickets from the driver (Surrey Student, Hospital staff, Easit etc) 
  • Family tickets.
  • Customers purchasing a return or weekly ticket from the driver
  • Tickets valid for travel on other bus or train companies
  • Customers purchasing a through fare from one route to another

These will still be available on the bus as paper tickets and you will still be able to pay for these using contactless payment devices or cash.  Don't tap out when buying paper tickets.


Change to billing

From 24th July, at the end of the day, the total of any paper tickets purchased using contactless  will be charged to your bank account in one amount -  you can check all of your individual transactions and journeys here - you do not have to set up an account.