Cash fares on the bus

You can pay for travel on board our buses with cash. We also accept contactless.

Please note:  our drivers are unable to provide change.

Please avoid cash, by paying for your fare with contactless, mobile app or key cards. 

The exact fare will be accepted if you cannot pay by these methods. A change voucher will be issued instead of change, you can redeem this at our travel shops, by calling our customer services or using for payment on further journeys.

Thank you for helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

Single Tickets

The adult single fare on journeys wholly within Crawley & Horley, Horsham or Redhill & Reigate is £2.60, with some 'short hop' journeys being £1.70. Outside of these areas, a graduated fare scale applies.

Return Tickets

Return tickets are available on most Metrobus services (except those operating wholly within the Crawley, Horley, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate or Brighton areas. Also, they cannot be purchased on routes 231 or 233 before 0900 on Mondays to Fridays unless travelling between Langton and Tunbridge Wells).

These tickets are only valid for return travel on the day of purchase, between the same points as on the outward trip, even if you come back on a different Metrobus route.

Journeys cannot be broken.

Fare charts showing single and return fares for each route can be found here, click onto the route you wish to travel on.

Some other operators will accept return tickets issued by us. Click here for details

Day and weekly Metroriders and Metrovoyagers are available from the driver:

Crawley Metrorider:

  1 day** 1 week Evening
Adult £5.20 £22 £4.20*
Child £2.80 £12 -
*Available from 1800 and valid until 0359 the next day

Horsham Metrorider:

  1 day** 1 week
Adult £5.20 £22
Child £2.80 £12

Redhill & Reigate Metrorider:

  1 day** 1 week
Adult £5.20 £22
Child £2.80 £12


  1 day** 1 week
Adult £7.80 £28
Child £4.30 £17.75

**day ticket finishes at 0359 on the following day

Other tickets available on board:

Weekly point-to-point tickets

Burgess Hill Saver Tickets

Haywards Heath Saver Tickets