Visit Pooh Corner

The picturesque village of Hartfield on Route 291 is the real location of the Pooh Bear stories. 

The Pooh Corner Shop has the world’s largest selection of Winnie-the-Pooh products; everything from toys to games and from books to honey, and is the best place to start your Winnie-the-Pooh exploration. 

The best bus stop to get off at is the Hay Waggon which is on the High Street in Hartfield - Pooh Corner is a short walk along the road from this stop.

There is also the Pooh Corner Garden and a little tea-room called ‘Piglit’s’ where you can enjoy a cream tea. 

If the weather is fine you could take a stroll to the famous ‘Pooh-sticks’ bridge, and play the game that A. A. Milne made so popular - you can purchase a map at the Pooh Corner Shop.