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Download 'UK Bus Checker' app from the AppStore to see how far away your next bus is in real time in West Sussex. It's free!

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Text for times

For the arrival times of the next 3 buses at your bus stop in West Sussex and Surrey you can now text the bus stop code to 84268. Texts cost 25p plus your normal network charge.

Each bus stop has its own unique 8-letter code beginning with 'wsx' or 'sur'. You can find this at the bus stop you are at or alternatively select a route from the route list or a stop from the interactive map and note the 8-digit code. Text that code to 84268.

If you need times for a particular route, just leave a space after the bus stop code and add the route number (eg. wsxajpmt 10).

Please remember that you will need the code for each individual stop that you use, even if two are close together or one is on the other side of the road.