How do I know which bus to use?

We have area maps and also individual route maps to help you work out the best bus route for you View maps here You can also use the Journey Planner above and the Service Finder.

How do I know when the bus will arrive?

Very simple: either by using the route timetables, or you can go to our real time page and find out how far away your bus is in real time - every bus stop and route is on our real time system.  This is great for checking if the bus is on time so you're not waiting around at the bus stop - it's also a great reassurance that the bus is on its way as you watch it countdown.  Just so you know our buses run around 88-90% on time.

Our new app now also includes, journey planning, live departures - and you can also follow your bus on the map.  For more details about the app click here

How do I make the bus stop?

If passengers are waiting at the bus stop our drivers will stop.   We don't mind if you hold your arm out and wave.

What about letting me off?

Press one of the 'stop' buttons before your stop and the driver will let you off at that stop

How do I know where to get off?

Our buses are fitted with 'next stop' screens that tell you the name of the stop as you approach it - they are all fitted with audio announcements for the next stop too.

How do I pay?

  • cash to the driver for a paper ticket - when you board the bus just let the driver know where you want to get off.  You don't need the exact fare in coins as our drivers can give change.

Cash to the driver is generally the most expensive way to pay for a bus ticket - the options below are generally all cheaper ways:

  • cash or credit/debit card at our travel shops - if you have a key smartcard
  • Credit/debit card or PayPal via our

What is the key smartcard?

  • It is an electronic card that stores your tickets. You can pay online from any computer or smart phone and you can buy any ticket up to a year. For full details and how to obtain a key card click here
  • When you board the bus just place your key card on the ticket reader and wait for the green light.

What is the mobile app?

  • Our app turns your phone into a bus ticket - simply buy your tickets via your phone. 
  • You can buy tickets up to a period of 4 weeks on the app.  
  • When you board the bus just show your activated ticket on your phone screen to the driver.

How much do tickets cost?

We have a wide range of tickets from single journey tickets to annual tickets.

Within our Crawley, Horsham, and Redhill & Reigate town networks we have one ‘flat fare’ for single journey tickets - this fare is £2.50 when paid in cash to the driver. Return tickets are not sold in these areas.

Bus routes that go beyond the town zones have 'graduated' single and return fares - so the greater the distance you travel the higher the fare. Our single and return fares can be found here - click on the relevant route.

Metrorider tickets

These are for customers who travel frequently. They cover three separate zones: the Crawley area, Horsham area, and the Redhill & Reigate area. View zone map here

Tickets range from 60 minutes unlimited travel, right up to one year's unlimited travel. View prices here

They can be used as many times as you want within the area and during the period of time which you have bought them for, so they are very flexible and good value.

Metrovoyager tickets

Very much like a Metrorider ticket but covers our entire bus network, and also all Brighton & Hove Bus Company routes too!

Metroriders and Metrovoyagers are available on the bus (day and week only), online, on our app or from our travel shops.  Full details here

Do you offer discounts for children?

Yes - please see details here