Safer travel on our buses

Updated: 27/10/2021

To continue to keep customers and staff safe, and reduce the transmission of COVID-19 we will continue to maintain measures such as thoroughly cleaning our buses and extra touch point cleaning, providing hand sanitiser on board and keeping windows open to refresh the air. Capacity numbers will revert to pre-pandemic levels and almost all of the measures we have put in place throughout the pandemic and the guidance we have applied will remain in place.

The government, our local authority and public health teams are advising that people continue to wear face coverings in all enclosed spaces. We fully support this, and our messaging on face coverings on buses remains in place. We highly recommend that passengers who can wear face coverings continue to wear them unless exempt. This is the same recommendation for all enclosed spaces such as shops. As the final details are being worked through, we ask that all passengers to continue to act responsibly to help keep each other safe.

Measures in place:

  • Passengers are expected to wear face coverings, unless exempt 
  • High standards of daily cleaning of buses in our depots will continue along with additional touch point cleaning throughout the day 
  • Air filters that remove 99.9% of virus and bacteria from on-board air intake systems 
  • Many windows to be kept sufficiently open to refresh the air 
  • Hand sanitiser to remain available on all buses 
  • Bus company apps & website to help to check how busy their bus is 
  • No change given on the bus, change vouchers will be provided instead 
  • We will continue with asking passengers to act responsibly in their distancing from other passengers where they can, though all seating and standing restrictions have been lifted by government
  • Passengers can stand inside buses 
  • Bus capacities are back to pre-Covid levels 
  • Passengers may now sit anywhere on the bus 

We will until the situation changes, continue to support local and national public health messaging recommending responsible use of hand hygiene, face coverings, distancing where it is possible, and fresh air, in all settings, not only on public transport. We will ensure that your safety and that of our colleagues remains a priority. 

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.