Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons

Holders of English National Concession passes receive free travel, subject to time restrictions. For details on obtaining a pass please visit the following links:

Surrey residents

Sussex residents

Kent residents

Pass holders obtain free travel on almost all bus services in England between 0930 and 2300 on Mondays to Fridays and at any time on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.

Pass holders boarding in the following areas have additional entitlements:

West Sussex

Disabled pass holders from West Sussex can board a bus in West Sussex at any time.


Disabled pass holders can board a bus in Surrey at any time.

Please note from 1st April 2019 you will no longer be able to travel for free before 0930 and after 2300 on weekdays with a disabled or disabled companion pass.

Travel is still free between 0930 and 2300 on weekdays and any time at the weekend and on public holidays.

Brighton & Hove

All concession pass holders from Brighton & Hove can board a bus in Brighton & Hove at any time except between 0400 and 0900 on Mondays to Fridays.