Choose Bus

Choosing to travel by bus means connecting with the people and places you love most. Our buses are frequent, clean, good value and accessible. Plus, you are reducing your own carbon footprint by taking the bus, rather than getting in the car.

Choose Bus is all about why catching the bus is the smart choice. Below are six good reasons why you should Choose Bus.

text that reads 'travel more for less'
Our wide range of community ticket deals has been in place for many years keeping buses affordable for everyone, including discounts for families, students and apprentices. 

Text that reads 'flexible travel that works for you'
Buses are frequent, reliable and run early to late. Some run 24 hours a day. There’s no need to worry about having the exact fare. In fact, most of our passengers use contactless, tap on tap offkey cards or our phone app. As work and travel patterns change, we will offer more flexible tickets.

You can quickly plan your route with our online journey planner and find out your carbon emissions at the same time. You can also track your bus so you know it’s on its way and check how busy it is. Find out more about our app here.

Text that reads 'safe and clean'
Nothing has been more important than protecting our colleagues and customers during Covid, the latest Covid information can be accessed here. Our buses are cleaned daily with hospital grade products, there’s hand sanitiser on board, anti-viral air filters and blockers to keep windows open for good ventilation. All of our buses have CCTV and drivers are connected to our control centre and response team. We run an Anti-Hate Crime Campaign on our buses, highlighting hate crime and encouraging reporting.

Text that reads 'buses are for everyone'
Everybody should be able to use the bus and we continue to break down barriers to make this happen. Every bus is wheelchair and buggy accessible, has dementia-friendly floors and audio-visual next stop announcements. Colleagues are also trained to better support disabled people. We are the only English bus company that has Department for Transport’s Inclusive Transport Leader status, recognition that we are leading the way in inclusivity and accessibility. Our accessibility page can be found here.

Text that reads 'connecting you and yours'
We belong to the communities we serve and are proud to work hard alongside them all year, attending events, giving grants, donating tickets, running campaigns, wrapping buses and fundraising in our depots. We launched the Metrobus Community Support Grant program in 2019.

Text that reads 'choose a greener future'
A resilient public transport network plays a pivotal role in tackling climate change, improving air quality and achieving the government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050.We’ve invested millions in ultra-low emissions buses and we’re investing in hydrogen fuel cell electric buses, which do not generate any tailpipe CO2, unlike fossil fuels. We are committed to aggressively decarbonising our fleet and exploring cleaner, renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Access our Carbon and Air Quality Resource Centre here.