• Alternatives to paying by cash

    Key smartcard and our app

Alternatives to paying by cash

We are asking people to use alternatives to cash when paying for tickets.  We don't provide change although a change voucher will be issued.  We have other options for not using cash for paying for travel:

There are two alternatives: the key smartcard or the metrobus mobile app

The key smartcard

  • Child key cards can be applied for at our Travel Shops at Crawley Bus Station and Redhill Bus Station, the card will be printed off immediately, no waiting for the post.  You will need to bring some relevant Child ID, please click here for a list of acceptable ID.
  • Tickets for Child key cards can be purchased at a travel shop or online. If purchased at a travel shop they are available to use straight away. If purchased online, please allow up to 24 hours for the ticket to be available.
  • Our Metrorider and Metrovoyager zone tickets can be bought on the key.  These tickets are for period travel from 5 journeys up to Annual.  Prices can be found here
  • Once purchased, the ticket remains stored until ready for use. To activate a ticket on a Child Key card, place the card on the reader on the ticket machine and wait for the beep.
  • Each time thereafter you board the bus hold the key card against the ticket machine reader.

Metrobus Mobile app

  • For child tickets on the app download the app, set up an account and you can start buying immediately
  • Metrorider and Metrorovoyager tickets for up to a 4 week period are available on the app. Prices can be found here.
  • If you have your own app account, you can purchase tickets using that and “Gift” them to your child’s account.
  • Your child will need their own mobile phone to use these tickets for travel.
  • To activate a ticket on our app, go to “My Wallet” and choose which ticket to activate. Once activated a QR code will be generated which should be scanned on the bus each time you board until the ticket expires. Once expired, the QR code will disappear.

Find out more here about Child fares on the key and app.