Be safe, be seen

As winter approaches the days are getting shorter and there is more chance of you waiting at bus stops in the dusk or darkness. This makes it hard for drivers to spot someone waiting for a bus.

In the towns, where the streets are generally well lit, it isn't so bad but on our more rural services where there are fewer, if any, street lamps it can be a real problem. We also don't have any direct control over lighting at shelters, though we do work closely with the owners/maintenance companies and put pressure on them to fit lighting where they can. There are, however, some stops out in rural locations where there is no power source close by so they are unlikely to ever get lighting fitted.

We are asking our drivers to be extra vigilant but something like using the light from your mobile phone, by waving it around when waiting at the stop, could help attract their attention – it’s not bright enough to dazzle our drivers but might be enough to make him/her aware someone is waiting at the bus stop.