Ask me for my seat badge

Along with our sister company Brighton & Hove Bus Company we have introduced a badge for passengers to wear who are able and willing to give up their seat for another passenger that may require the seat more. This can include someone that is disabled, elderly, pregnant, injured or just temporarily unwell and unable to stand for too long. The badge simply says 'ask me for my seat' and the aim is to give the passenger who needs the seat more the confidence to ask.

Like the Helping Hand scheme, 'ask me for my seat' badges do not hold the logo of Brighton & Hove Buses or Metrobus so that, just like Helping Hand, it can be used on other services as well as our own.

Passengers buying the badge are helping to raise funds as well as awareness. The badge costs £1 and all proceeds from the sale of every badge will be donated directly to The Argus Appeal.

This charity supports many local organisations and local people and we are really pleased to be able to offer our full support to this as well as being able to promote accessible travel for all on our services at Brighton & Hove and Metrobus.

Where can I buy an 'ask me for my seat' badge?

The badges are on sale at the following places

Crawley Travel Shop, Crawley Bus Station
Redhill Travel shop, Redhill Bus Station