• Apple Pay Express Mode

    Paying with Apple Pay on Metrobus is easy

Introducing Apple Pay Express Mode. You can use it to pay for your travel on our buses.

If you have an Apple Phone you can use it to pay for bus travel for contactless payments on board our buses.  In fact, for Apple Pay, it just got a bit smarter. Using Apple’s Apple Pay Express Mode there is no need to wake or unlock your device, open an app or use Face ID or Touch ID, so it’s easier and quicker!  Just tap your phone against the ticket machine reader on boarding.

You will first need to enable your Apple device, to do this:

  • go to "Settings";
  • scroll down to "Wallet & Apple Pay"; and
  • then tap on "Express Travel Card" to select the appropriate debit/credit card you want to designate for speedy boarding.

You may need to validate this by using FaceID or passcode, but once done, it will be set for every boarding.

For any further information visit Apple' s support page for Apple Pay Express Mode

Please keep any bank cards separate from your iPhone to avoid potentially paying with the wrong device.