Visit Crawley

Route 23 - Mon-Sat approx. hourly
Route 82 - Mon-Sat 6 journeys per day
Route 84 - Mon-Sat 6 journeys per day
Route 100 - Daily: Mon-Sat approx. every 20 mins. Suns approx. every 30 mins
Route 271 - Daily: every 2 hours
Route 273 - Mon-Sat: every 2 hours
Route 281 - Mon-Sat approx. hourly
Route 291 - Daily: Mon-Sat approx. hourly. Suns 5 journeys per day
Route 400 - Mon-Sat: hourly. Sun 5 journeys
Route 460 - Mon-Sat: hourly
Routes 526&527 - Mon-Sat: hourly

Crawley is one of the ‘New Towns’ developed around London at the end of World War II and is served by many of our bus routes.

Its Town Centre is perfect for a browse around the shops or you could relax in the nearby Memorial Gardens. The fully-covered County Mall shopping centre provides a pleasant place to eat or shop whatever the weather, and the entrance is right beside the Bus Station! Crawley Bus Station is the location of our Travel Shop. You can change buses here (onto Route 2) for Tilgate Park and K2 Leisure Centre.

Crawley Multiplex, which includes Cineworld, Hollywood Bowl and a range of restaurants, is on town routes Routes 4 & 5 and Fastway 10.
The historic ‘Old Town’ area is a stopping-off point on the famous London-Brighton veteran and vintage car run which takes place annually on the first Sunday in November.

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