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Latest News

Following the delivery of 10 new Enviro 200 single deck vehicles in a new blue and yellow livery in 2015, Scania Omnidekkas 6471, 6472, 6475, 6476, 6478 and Omnicity 6513, 6560, 6582 & double deck 6953 have been repainted in the same style.

Former Fastway Scania Omnicity 6582 was the last to be rebuilt to single door layout as part of their refurbishment for further service on other routes, primarily on service 23.

Route 100 Fastway Scania Omnicity 6624-6633 are currently going through a refurbishmemt program. They are receiving new seats and internal and external livery and branding, to match the Fastway Volvo vehicles on routes 10 & 20.


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Groombridge Place

For a fantastic day out at Groombridge Place, take Route 291.  More info here

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Metrobus Mobile

Download our free app from the App Store or Google Play (for Android) to use your phone as your bus ticket. More info here

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Connect to the net for free!

Fastway 100 buses now have wifi onboard!